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DAPP Account: non-custodial blockchain accounts


In their latest article, LiquidApps introduces us to DAPP Account, a non-custodial blockchain account simple to use that allows anyone to enter the world of blockchain, obscuring any complexity from its users.

In the article, Raman Bindlish founder of DAPP Account and Blockstart, explains the differences between DAPP accounts and any EOS blockchain account. In particular, these accounts allow decentralized apps to onboard users with a simple sign-up and account recovery method, from any device. Private keys are always held inside the user's device, but to allow an account recovery, it is possible to implement a 2-factor authentication. This provides greater flexibility and security for users who are approaching dApps and are looking for an experience more similar to the one they are most familiar with.

DAPP account is already running on various testnets, using some LiquidApps technologies such as LiquidAccounts, LiquidOracles and vRAM. It was designed during DAPP Hackathon as a solution for CEX users to lend resources and vote, and could be integrated into any exchange. They are currently working with LiquidApps to include their service within multiple EOSIO chains.

"DAPP Account is our vision of a blockchain account for the masses. We have seen that the adoption of blockchain has been limited for many reasons. Complicated crypto wallets and the risk of losing keys or passcodes is one of the biggest challenges."


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