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Emanate Releases its Native Mobile App


The Emanate team recently released their native mobile apps for iOS and Android. This will make the streaming platform based on EOS, more accessible to anyone who wants to listen to music on the go.

Emanate is a streaming platform built on EOS, which helps emerging artists create new revenue streams by getting paid instantly while the music is played. It is designed to make life easier for artists, with a specific focus on streamlining payments and agreements between collaborators.

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Through the mobile app you can:

  • Social sign-on
  • Listen to feed
  • Profile pages with social links, bio, and achievement badges
  • Track pages
  • Releases pages
  • Like, follow and My Emanate section
  • Sharing

To avoid problems with Apple Store, cashouts can only be made from desktop or mobile web. Also by the end of the year monetized playlists and a new organic monetized referral system will be released.

"The benefits of native apps for a music experience really go without saying, nobody really wants to visit a web browser on their phone to listen to music!"


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