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Scatter Embed Announced, Scatter Extension reintroduced

Scatter Embed Announced, Scatter Extension reintroduced

The Scatter team recently announced their new product: Scatter Embed. With this new product, the core component of the Scatter wallet will be maintained within a web app that can communicate with other products, such as the key/signature provider. In so doing, they can enhance their products User Experience while maintaining the same level of security as today.

With this new awesome product, the old Scatter Extension will be reintroduced! Like the new version of Scatter Desktop, the extension will simply be a key store and signing tool for the embedded web app.

In addition, all Scatter products will update automatically, without the need to download new versions, and most importantly, keeping the same level of security.

"By having Scatter Desktop, Mobile, and Extension all share the same UI code, we can make bug-fixes and feature updates to all of our wallets at the same time. (...) the need to update all of Scatter Desktop, Extension, or the upcoming Mobile can be done with a lighter touch."

Read more: https://medium.com/getscatter/scatter-embed-one-codebase-many-wallets-b12844741d60

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