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Coinbase makes partnership with iVE.ONE


Coinbase recently formed a strategic partnership with iVE.ONE, a startup funded by FinLab EOS VC, to help institutional investors in enabling purchase, trade and manage digital assets.

iVE.ONE has an innovative technology that enables its clients who see the steady growth of digital assets and cryptocurrencies and seize the great opportunities. Through iVE.ONE corporates, investors, asset managers and financial advisors can easily access a modernized capital market with blockchain technology.

“With a 170% rise in institutional crypto trading on our platform in Q1, the demand for digital assets in the sector is soaring. I fully expect that institutional investors such as corporates and family offices will follow suit, and grow their exposure to digital assets,” - Drew Robinson, Institutional Sales Lead for Coinbase in EMEA

Through this partnership institutional investors will be able to invest in digital assets directly through Coinbase leveraging the iVE.ONE platform. iVE.ONE recently closed a successful A+ pre-series in which FinLab EOS VC, the VC created in collaboration with Block.One and FinLab AG, also participated.

"The full investor journey for all cryptoassets, especially for institutionals is done effectively with ease andconfidence, from regulation, security and custody,” - CEO & Co-Founder Phong Dao


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