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What happened this week on EOSIO | January 4 - January 10


“What happened this Week on EOSIO” summarises the past 7 days of news sent by EOS Go. This edition’s timeframe goes from the 4th January to the 10th of January.

Dan Larimer Tweets On Bitcoin Brings Discussion on EOS


With BTC hitting new highs, Block.one CTO and EOS founder Daniel Larimer started tweeting about Bitcoin. However, these tweets sparked a community discussion, and many feel that Dan should be more focused on EOS. He replied that he is dedicated on the technology. What else did people discussed? Let's take a look!


BuiltOnEOSIO: BlockBase Blockchain Database Storage

BuiltOnEOSIO BlockBase

In the latest #BuiltOnEOSIO article, Block.One brought BlockBase, a distributed system that provides secure and distributed database storage services.


Voice Still Committed for the EOS Mainnet


Since before its release Voice claimed to be deployed on the EOS mainnet, but months after the start of the beta, there was still no news about it. The community asked for more information, to which Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo replied.


Dan seems to have left Block.one


Dan Larimer, announced today his resignation as CTO of Block.One. The announcement was confirmed by his recent post on Voice.com, and there seems to be no doubt about it.


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