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What happened this week on EOSIO | August 3 - August 9


“What happened this Week on EOSIO” summarises the past 7 days of news sent by EOS Go. This edition’s timeframe goes from the 3rd August to the 9th of August.

Twitter Fights: Dan Larimer vs. Charles Hoskinson


Dan Larimer, co-Founder and CTO at Block.One and of the EOS(IO) Software, has been very active on Twitter lately. The source of this activity was an apparently very heated discussion with Charles Hoskinson, creator of Cardano (ADA). Don't miss this piece of history, and read the tweets below.


Block.One: EOSIO Resource Allocation Proposal


Block.One published a new proposal for resource allocation for EOSIO chains , which could fully stabilize the CPU/NET marketplace on EOS.


Lifebank built on EOSIO running for UNICEF Innovation Fund


The winners of Block.One's recent EOSIO Hackchaton: Lifebank, announced their participation in the UNICEF Innovation Fund, for startups that have the potential to benefit humanity.


EOS Onboarding: Free Accounts


One of the things that separates EOSIO from many other chains in the space is the account creation process and fee models associated with them. The following guide provides a brief overview of the account creation process that allow for easy no friction EOS mainnet onboarding, and some insights on how to use the chain without necessarily having to stake resources.


Ultra Blockchain Resource Model: Ultra Power


After announcing the finalisation of their Gaming Platform Protocol, the Ultra team explain us more about how their Resource Model works, combining CPU and NET in the Ultra Power.


EOSX New Update

banner-eosx 791c49ec1e03509b47a98c9e7edaea54

"The eosx.io homepage received an improvement

EOSX has put the final touches on the overall platform improvement, finalizing with the homepage to ensure the experience is seamless from start to finish. Check out the changelog and try for yourself!


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