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WORBLI announced new partnership with StrongBlock


WORBLI recently announced their latest partnership with StrongBlock. StrongBlock team is composed mainly from ex Block.One employees and provides software solutions to enterprises wishing to adopt blockchains to radically enhance business operations and business models.

Through this partnership they aim to to work on mutually beneficial distributed ledger projects and to promote the adoption of WORBLI and other EOSIO blockchains.

"Along with the new technology and secure operation, StrongBlock's user-friendly suite of simple, customized blockchain tools will make it quick and manageable for enterprise-grade clients to build on WORBLI."

Read more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/worbli-and-strongblock-unite-to-bring-simplified-dlt-access-to-the-masses-300910437.html

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