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Why Issue Digital Assets on EOS


The issuance of digital assets on blockchain is becoming one of the main uses case of this technology, used by small to medium size enterprises (SMEs). The Chintai team clearly explained why EOS is the best solution to issue digital assets.

"By using blockchain based digital securitization, SMEs and other low-cap market participants can get access to capital from a global investor audience within a regulated digital asset venue at a fraction of traditional issuance costs."

By using blockchain compared to traditional financial infrastructure mechanisms, SMEs would significantly reduce their costs, fuelling their competitive advantage over competitors. For this reason, new protocols of distributed ledger technology (DLT) are emerging to allow this transition, but unfortunately most of them do not offer a low cost, or high performance option.

EOS instead, thanks to its low transaction fees and 0.5 second execution times, it would ensure high performances, as well as maintaining all the information for the issuance on-chain, thus further limiting maintenance costs.

"Slow and expensive protocols force data flow to be put off-chain to accommodate for performance constraints. When data flow goes off-chain the full benefits of DLT are sacrificed because manual processes are reintroduced into the issuance pipeline and data is maintained on centralized servers.

Apparently Chintai has already developed a DLT architecture on EOS that would allow to complete the entire issuance process, from issuer to investor, fully on-chain.


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