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WAX Marketplaces climb the DAPPRadar rankings thanks to GPK cards


This week there have been new incredible achievements for WAX, thanks to its two new marketplaces: GPK Marketplace and Simple Trading, both of which climbed the DappRadar marketplace rankings with amazing weekly statistics! In total they reached a volume of over $270,000 and 40,000 transactions, surpassing the leading marketplace OpenSea from Ethereum.

DappRadar marketplaces

The rise in the ranking and the huge increase in volume and transactions is due to the launch of Garbage Pail Kids cards on WAX marketplaces, thanks to the recent partnership between WAX and Topps. Collectors, or the anyone curious, can use the marketplaces to buy or trade their digital cards with the security of a blockchain. All cards issued have a certificate of authenticity, are unique and cannot be duplicated or counterfeited.


The first Card Packs issued by Topps was sold out in just 28 hours, and now the digital assets are being exchanged on the SimpleMarket secondary marketplace. You can start buying or exchanging them by simply using the WAX Cloud Wallet, visiting the Marketplace, selecting your favourite cards and completing the purchase.


For GPK cards in particular there are 4 types of rarities:

  • Basic: standard cards
  • Prism: uncommon cards that feature a prismatic sheen effect
  • Sketch: rare cards that feature an animated transition
  • Collectors's Edition: super rare cards with special animation.

We can only congratulate WAX and Topps for their successful partnership, bringing great new opportunities for the whole blockchain world.


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