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On July 4, Voice will be set free to the world!


Salah Zalatimo, CEO at Voice, just published a post about the decentralized social media backed by Block.One in which he announced the long-awaited worldwide launch of the platform. Indeed, the Voice will be released to the world on July 4th, in less than a month!

Below is Salah's article:

"Content moderation is a legal requirement for all platforms, including Voice. Some forms of speech are illegal, for example (and not limited to): criminal, abusive or violent content, sexual exploitation of children, violations of privacy, and, in some circumstances, speech that incites hate or violence. When the content is blatantly illegal, we will remove it immediately.

But these forms of speech are not always clear cut. Often, a judgement call needs to be made to determine if a piece of content crosses the line. The higher level question that no one seems to be asking today is: who should be making that judgment call? Corporate executives? Government regulators? Councils of elite thinkers?

Here's a crazy idea, why not let the people decide? Empower them. Architect the platform to eradicate bots by verifying identities, eliminate targeted propaganda by protecting your personal data, and prevent political corruption by organizing into communities that have the tools to effectively self-govern.

Yes, you are right. Its too late for Facebook & Co. to make these changes - even if they wanted to. Our only alternative is to build a new social media that puts its members above all else. On July 4, we will set Voice free on the world. Our journey begins there.


"On July 4, we will set Voice free on the world."

This is indeed a fantastic and unexpected news! Finally we might test Voice, and see if it really has what it takes to become the future of social networks.

photo 2020-06-05 10.29.36


By replying on Twitter, Salah cleared up some doubts from the community:

  • Voice will not be released on the EOS mainnet (yet)
  • It will be open to read to anyone in the world
  • Registrations are open worldwide by invitation only, until August 15, when a refer-a-friend system will start


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