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Voice Invite a Friend and Token Reset


As promised, Voice has significantly expanded its userbase in the last few days with new invitations, as well as releasing a new feature, the Invite a Friend.

As we were promised at the beginning of July with the opening of Voice as readers to the world, during August there seems to be a boom of new subscribers on the platform. This is due both to a new wave of invitations sent by the Voice team (we at EOS Go were invited too!), and to their brand new features: Invite a Friend.

With Invite a Friend, all registered users have 10 unique codes available to invite their friends. Indeed, it's a great feature that will bring exponential growth to the user base of Voice!

"This release is one that will expand our community at a similarly rapid pace - so get ready for others to join us on the rocket ship to the moon!" - @cel from the Voice team

With the arrival of new users, the Voice team is also preparing for the first VOICE token reset. The VOICE balance of all Voice users, even those who have been registered for some time now, will be increased to 3,000 VOICEs. This is a predictable and understandable action as the decentralized social media backed by Block.One is still in beta version. Indeed, this won't be the only token reset, but more are expected. Fortunately, the Genesis Community that is currently testing Voice will be rewarded after the final reset with a bonus token.

Read it on Voice!


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