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Voice open worldwide for readers, Voice app is live?


From today the decentralized social media Voice finally opened worldwide the reading of posts. This means that anyone can access the platform to read all posts from registered users. Furthermore, it seems that the iOS application can already be downloaded from the App Store!

The opening of voice worldwide for today was announced a month ago by Salah Zalatimo, CEO at Voice. So now anyone can have a first taste of the new social media, and test firsthand whether it has the qualities to launch a new era of social "as it should be".

The platform is therefore accessible directly in the browser, browsing https://app.voice.com/. Moreover, even though it has not been officially announced, it seems that a version of the Voice application is already available on the iOS App Store, that reflects exactly the browser experience. The only apparent first difference between browser and application is that in the application you can also read the comments of the posts, which are hidden on the browser.

Next step for Voice will be the biggest opening for the new subscriptions, which will take place on August 15th of this year, as already announced on Twitter and on the last post of Zalatimo.

"Heading into the fall, we’ll begin releasing a variety of features empowering the communities to mold the platform into the social media we all need. There will be a steady stream of improvements and optimizations along the way."

First impression of the iOS application




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