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Vitalik Buterin on EOS: Cohesive and Principled alternative niche


From some recent tweets, Vitalik Buterin expressed his respect for EOS, and for how, while disagreeing with DPoS, it is developing an alternative, principled and cohesive niche. He then concluded by sharing his opinion on Dan Larimer.

The tweet in question is about his idea of how he would like to design a new chain, coexisting with Bitcoin and Ethereum, but with some different features, such as on-chain governance, oracles, built-in cryptographic operations and identity model. Features that EOS either already has or is planning to implement in some sort, as in the case of the Unique Digital Identity system patented by Dan Larimer.


"If I were designing a new chain to live alongside bitcoin and ethereum, I would take all the political tradeoffs that BTC and ETH aren't willing to take.

  • On-chain gov w QV
  • On-chain oracles for not just prices but arbitrary events
  • All the built-in cryptographic operations

Perhaps even an on-chain model of identity, at least for participants who want to participate in governance (non-governing actors would still be fully anon). But do it smarter than the existing projects.

This is why I actually have some respect for EOS and co. I disagree with DPoS but at least they're trying to develop a cohesive and principled alternative niche.

Vitalik about Dan

"I feel like Dan is a genuine economic/technical thinker; much of his "business-side" entourage are snakes. I have sympathy for the former side of the project and not the latter side Grinning face"


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