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This Week: Impressive Price Performance As EOS Maintains Strong Developments Pace


EOS has been experiencing an impressive surge in price performance in the past week, which is a testament to the concentrated efforts being made to establish it as one of the leading blockchain ecosystems in the world.

The price surge comes after several developments on the EOS network, including the recent initiatives led by the EOS Network Foundation (ENF). These initiatives, which include projects like Antelope IBC and EOS EVM, have steered a lot of bullish sentiment from the industry. Which will have ever slightly increased the network's adoption, and improved EOS’ interoperability and collaboration with other blockchain ecosystems.

The growing media attention has also played a significant role in EOS's recent success. As more people learn about the network's capabilities, there has been a growing interest in its potential as a leading blockchain ecosystem. The impressive price performance is a positive sign that these efforts are paying off and that the EOS network is well on its way to achieving its goal of becoming one of the most widely adopted and influential blockchain ecosystems in the world.

This week we look at some of the recent developments that ensure that EOS doesn’t take its foot off the gas.

Antelope Coalition meeting

The Antelope Coalition between EOS, WAX, Telos, and UX Network blockchains held its weekly meeting this past week in which they discussed various initiatives that aim to improve the Antelope ecosystem as a whole.

The following projects were discussed in the recent meeting:

IBC updates: There’s been a request for a change in the scope of the IBC RFP, as it relates to Instant Finality, where the contractor wants to add a few things and to replace the component related to nodeos as a tradeoff. Also, the milestone for the implementation of helper functions, database structures, and API for proof generation has been completed, but the change has been that it will operate outside nodeos. All Coalition members voted in favor of the changes.

P2P Peer Discovery: Following discussions with the winning bidders to get some clarifications the project has begun. The team working on it will begin with the status reporting, and should provide a breakdown of the deliverables that will be involved in reaching project milestones.

Antler CDT: In-scope items are well on track, but not complete across the board. Those items that are already complete are being prepared for the scheduled March release on Jungle testnet.

Ledger app support: Communication with the Ledger team regarding the additional support for Antelope chains and their native cryptocurrencies has been improving. This past week there was talk about adding support for a fifth Antelope chain to the Ledger wallet. The Ledger team also discussed the possibility of introducing an “Antelope app” that would be compatible with all Antelope chains, making it easier to introduce additional Antelope chains on-demand.

Wallet SDK: This project is now at the wallet integration phase. The team working on the projects has already started on the integration of the Anchor and WAX Cloud wallets. With the integration of the latter currently at 95% completion. As for the Anchor wallet integration, code is still being ported over as there are a lot more sub-components to it. They're also looking to start on the integrations for the Scatter protocol (wallet).

Get a more in-depth discussion on the updates - February 16th, 2023 Meeting | EOS, TELOS, WAX, UX Network

Binance EOS AMA with Yves La Rose

Leading EOS BP (Block Producer) Binance recently held an AMA event with the ENF founder and CEO, Yves La Rose, to discuss EOS developments. The Ask-Me-Anything event, which was streamed live on Binance’s website, comes as a result of the partnership between the ENF and Binance.

The AMA went through everything relating to the current state of development of the EOS network and its ecosystem including IBC, Antelope Coalition, key EOS features, and the upcoming EOS EVM, just to name a few. Overall the AMA gave a brilliant overview of what’s been going on in EOS over the past five years.

For those who are new to the crypto/blockchain industry, the AMA was a great introduction to EOS and its amazing ecosystem. In addition to submitting questions, viewers and listeners were kept engaged with multiple opportunities to get rewarded in EOS tokens.

Watch the brilliant AMA event here - EOS AMA with Yves La Rose, Co-founder & CEO of EOS Network Foundation

Program and Operations Health Report

The Program and Operations Health Report for the month of January was released this week. It provides high level insights into important initiatives across EOS including IBC, Hypha DAO, Market+ Dashboard, Wallet+ SDKs and more.

An update on the progress of the recent RFP (request for proposal) projects is also provided. For the P2P Peer Discovery RFP, the Antelope Coalition is reviewing a few things from Fudan’s winning bid. For the RAM Limitation Fixes RFP, the Coalition has approved the new scope from the only bidders (ENF) and has decided the project will no longer be issued through RFP.

Other projects such as Hypha DAO, Software Development Kits, Inter-Blockchain Communication, Instant Finality, and many more others are well on schedule for their milestones and completion, other than only a few that are at risk of delay. As for EOS EVM, it has had its scope and schedule impacted following a change to the token economy model, as well as non-EVM tasks causing schedule conflicts.

Read the full report - January Program & Operations Health Report

Pomelo Grants Season 5 dates announced

Pomelo Grants Season 5 is set to kick off on February 22, 2023, and will run until March 23, 2023. Pomelo is a crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to request funding for public goods projects from the EOS community. For this season, the matching pool fund will once again be provided by the EOS Network Foundation (ENF), which has pledged $150,000 towards the fund. In addition, funds from NFT sales and last season's fees will also be added to the pool.

To distribute the matching funds, Pomelo uses a quadratic funding mechanism where the more unique donors a project has, the more funds they receive. During the application phase, which runs from February 22 to March 15, anyone can create a grant application for public goods. The Pomelo team will then approve the qualifying grants, and the donation phase will start on March 1 and end on March 23.

Donors can donate EOS to their favorite grants and influence the distribution of the matching pool, all while contributing towards building a stronger EOS ecosystem. After the donation phase, the Pomelo team will analyze the results and distribute the matching pool to qualified grants that pass KYC. The Pomelo Grants Season 5 promises to be yet another successful event for those interested in supporting public goods on the EOS blockchain.

Read more about how to prepare for - Pomelo Grants Season 5

As of writing EOS is trading at $1.25 (up 17.92% from last week’s price of $1.06). It is currently doing $343 million in daily trading volume (5x from last week), and its market cap currently sits at $1,359,232,299. This week also sees EOS move up a spot to 43rd position by market cap rankings. All stats are based on CoinMarketCap data.


Antelope Coalition meeting

Binance EOS AMA with Yves La Rose

Program and Operations Health Report

Pomelo Grants Season 5 dates announced

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