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AtomicHub expands its reach on EOS


AtomicHub, one of the largest NFT Marketplace on WAX, has announced its expansion on the EOS mainnet. To celebrate the event they donated some exclusive NFTs to the first 600 claimers, which unfortunately are already sold out.

This expansion on EOS could see the possibility of inter blockchain NFT transfers, between WAX and EOS. This would lead to numerous advantages for the users of both chains, exposing the NFT market to a wider customer base.

AtomicHub is the NFT marketplace designed to buy, sell and create NFTs based on the AtomicAssets standard, the standard produced by the AtomicHub developers. Through their NFT creator service, anyone can create NFTs in a few simple clicks, features that has been very successful among artists on WAX.

To test the new platform on EOS, please visit: eos.atomichub.io


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