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BOSCore DPoS Borda Count Voting Plan.

BOSCore DPoS Borda Count Voting Plan.

BOSCore recently published a voting system proposal for BOS Executive Team (BET) members. These members are decided among the EOSIO community participants and will have decision-making power over certain specific operations.

The voting system proposal is based on Borda, a consensus-based ranked preferential voting system used by the French Academy of Sciences to elect its members, and now used in some academic institutions, competitions, tournaments, grammy awards, and several political jurisdictions.

"The design presented by BOSCore is innovative and unique, borrowing from research on elections and voting systems spanning some 800 years, reinvented and brought back to the future for the planned implementation of a voting system for BET elections."

You can read a simplified explanation of the BOS Borda system at https://medium.com/@tojukaka/breaking-down-the-bet-dpos-borda-count-voting-method-by-boscore-891d2bd131d3

Read the full proposal at: https://medium.com/boscore/boscore-dpos-borda-count-voting-plan-5807d2db1bbd

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