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Voice Community Reporting Tool New Updates


The Voice team continues to update us on their latest developments regarding the Community Reporting Tools, which could soon turn the decentralized social media into a fully self-governing platform.

As already explained in a our recent news, the Community Reporting feature allows all Voice users to report an article as objectionable. Once the article is reported, a poll appears to all future readers to confirm (or not) that the article had any inconvenience. The poll remains active for 24 hours, and if there was a majority vote "yes" that content was objectionable after 24 hours, then it is reviewed by Voice's security team.

At the moment, the team is thinking about 3 main key learnings and ideas to use polling data to trigger actions on contents.

  1. They want users to be more informed: users will be able to classify reported content according to various reasons. In this way it will be possible to apply different polling periods according to the reason of the report.

  2. They need more data: they are thinking about new methods to collect more information about the data, to better understand how to improve the reporting tool.

  3. Bringing Community Reporting to Comments: soon the community reporting tool could be integrated into the comments section, so that the community can adjust this as well.


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