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Voice Results For New Community Reporting Tool


After launching their new community reporting tool, the Voice team released the early results of its performance during this period. This may be the first step towards a fully self-governing social media platform.

The Community Reporting feature was launched now 5 weeks ago, and allowed any user to report an article as objectionable. Once the article is reported, a poll appears to all future readers to confirm (or not) that the article had any inconvenience. The poll remains active for 24 hours, and if there was a majority vote "yes" that content was objectionable after 24 hours, then it is reviewed by Voice's security team.

According to the first results, 38% of polls generated by the community confirmed an article as objectionable, leading to a follow-up action by the voice team to remove it or add content flags.

The voice team will soon test various timeframes and thresholds to further improve the reporting tool. Later in the future, a similar feature could lead to the first community-based self-governing social media platform: Voice.


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