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VOICE Beta limited to the USA

voice america hero 2-1920x800

The voice team has announced that the beta coming on February 14 will be limited only to the United States. According to the team, the choice is mainly due to two reasons.

  1. The goal of VOICE is to restore the public trust in the media, a topic that has been prevalent in recent years especially in the United States. They want to address the conflict directly to the source.

  2. Apparently the team dedicated to Voice development is mainly located in the United States. Focusing on this market they will be able to receive feedbacks from users and improve themselves in a more efficient manner.

Once they start the beta testing period in the United States, they will expand into other English speaking countries and then expand globally. So the USA limitation is only temporary; we hope to see Voice open in other countries as soon as possible!

Because that’s what we’re here for, and what we’re building for


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