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Unicove - Greymass new Web Wallet Beta Released


The Greymass team is continuing the developments of their EOSIO web wallet Unicove built to work with Anchor, and the first beta version was recently released for testing.

The Greymass team is now the most experienced team in the development of EOSIO wallets, with the most widely used Anchor Desktop and Anchor mobile. With their new web wallet Unicove, they will have a complete user experience, which will allow users to keep their private keys secure on Anchor mobile, and at the same time have full access to the web wallet features on the browser.

Unicove, in addition to having the standard features such as receiving and sending tokens, will also be available other additional features, such as:

  • Account Creation
  • Resource Management
  • Earn
  • Multiple accounts management
  • Mobile and Desktop

Moreover, the project is completely open-source, and community developers are free to help the project grow further. The beta version is already live, and can be tested at unicove.com.


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