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ENF EVM + Working Group: Trust will achieve full RPC compatibility and will organize hackathons in the future


On April 19th, the EOS Network Foundation officially launched the EOS EVM. Matias Romeo, the technical leader of the EVM+ core working group, and Dr. Yarkin Who in the products of the EVM+ core working group, are joining in the EOS EVM Launch AMA. They shared the main objectives when they started planning EVM support on EOS.

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Matias shared that they set themselves the goal to give developers the same user-experience they are used to when using other main EVM chains.

This includes:

  • Deterministic GAS billing
  • EVM compatibility at instruction level
  • Full RPC compatibility

Having EVM support on the EOS network will make a new runtime available to the chain. This will allow EVM contracts to interact with EOS counterparts, opening up the possibility of many ways to interoperate, like moving tokens between runtimes with trust-less bridges and more.

The roadmap ahead includes:

  1. Extend EOS client (nodeos) with custom plugins for the JSON RPC interface based on the Erigon architecture.
  2. Optimize EVM implementation to allow for greater transaction throughput.
  3. Finish protocol extension for ETH precompiled contracts support.
  4. The Graph integration with instrumented EOS client.

EOS is a time tested chain with high performance. Clearly it can easily offer a good experience in DeFi, especially for digital asset trading. And this is the basics of everything.

There were and are a lot of games on EOS. In some sense, this shows that EOS is technology wise friendly to games and this has been approved by users. So with this EOS+EVM project, Trust can bring the good gaming experience of EOS to the EVM world.

Last but not least, with the high performance of the EOS, Trust can make the web3 interactive experience closer to web2 in terms of latency. This will not only help generate high user growth, but also create more possibilities.

To better explore this possibility, to have better games, and better asset trading experience, ENF will organize Hackathon projects for the new Trust project. Whether you have great new ideas, a cure for some long standing problems, or simply a better quality of life utility, welcome to join us toward a better EOS and EVM metaverse.


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