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Ultra 1st Publisher Announcement: Skybound Entertainment


Ultra has made its first publisher announcement: Skybound Entertainment, to publish a series of games on Ultra, including The Walking Dead series.

Skybound is a multiplatform content company, whose business ranges from comics, television, film, video games and more. Skybound is most famous for The Walking Dead series and Invincible.

Through Skybound, each of The Walking Dead titles will be available on Ultra, but this is not the only game made available. Indeed you will also be able to play:

  • Before Your Eyes: an award winning and emotional first-person narrative game
  • Rainbow Billy: an adventure-puzzle game with 30 hours of gameplay

Also during 2022, more Skybound games will be added, but in any case this is the first of many Publisher announcements, and soon others will be released with new games to be integrated.

On Ultra users will own NFTs which will be used to prove player's ownership of some game, account, in-game object or any other part of the game industry that can be tokenized. NFTs will enable players to not only own game objects but also manage, transfer, sell, buy or use them in any other way.


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