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This Week: Developments Suggest A Great EOS Reset?


This past week the EOS community celebrated the 5-year anniversary of the EOS network’s launch on June 8, 2018. Although it may be considered a celebration, especially the fact that the EOS network continues to operate with a hundred percent uptime despite all the challenges it has been faced with over these years. For some, this 5-year anniversary was a moment of reflection on how far we’ve come as a community and how much closer we are to reaching the summit before the journey across the horizon.

Developments from this past week may have been a reminder that EOS is entering a renewed phase of optimism and industry support. The crypto industry may currently be on a two-year bear market, but for EOS stakeholders this has been a five-year bear market. At this point it feels like this may be the last stretch before EOS enters its own bull market and reclaiming its spot at the top.

ENF commemorates the five-year anniversary with history EOS moments!


In the weeks leading up to EOS’ five-year anniversary the EOS Network Foundation has been posting some of the more historic developments in the EOS ecosystem from these last five years. Some of the featured EOS moments include:

Moment #1: The Origin

The EOS genesis block was confirmed on June 8th 2018 at 08:08 AM UTC. Inscribed within the memo of the genesis block was a message that reads:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

Moment #6: REX Joins the Party

In May 2019, the Resource Exchange protocol (REX) unlocked nearly uncontrollable scalability on the network.

Token holders could now rent out their unused capacity to power users, increasing both the utility and yield of the EOS token.

Moment #8.3: 100M+ Transactions Per Day

Now able to process over 100M tx/day, the network could easily handle the CPU miners.

The “ponzinomics” powering the attack eventually fizzled out and the once-loud CPU miners left quietly into the night.

Moment #10: A Foundation for #TheNewEOS

In August 2021, after a long period of misguided hope & patience, the EOS community was hungry & ready for something new.

Emerging from this deep & widespread desire for change, leadership, and action, the EOS Network Foundation was born.

Moment #11: Pomelo in Bloom

Through the magic of quadratic funding, the Pomelo crowdfunding platform has empowered the EOS community to support and fund hundreds of projects they love.

With EOS now becoming more interconnected with other blockchain ecosystems, starting with the Antelope ecosystem, Pomelo has added support for projects from these other blockchains.

Check out the ENF’s coverage of all 21 EOS moments - EOS: Five Years of Community, Performance and Resilience

EOS getting more coverage from crypto media


Over the past couple months we’ve highlighted several times how industry players seem more interested in EOS since the establishment of the EOS Network Foundation, and again since the EOS network (community) severed ties with Block.one.

Crypto media publications are now willing to publish pieces that highlight EOS in a positive light. This is in contrast to two years ago when almost all the articles that were being published were demonizing EOS. The EOS network’s five-year anniversary gave another glimpse to the support it has from the media.


The members of the EOS ecosystem expressed their dissatisfaction with the project’s developers and decided to fight for control over the network as they believed that they could no longer rely on Block.one. In 2023, the protocol has seen positive developments like the launch of its EVM mainnet and securing a $60 million investment.” - (EOS turns 5, celebrates the community’s effort to rebuild)


EOS Network Foundation, a nonprofit that oversees the progress of the EOS blockchain ecosystem, shares the most impressive accomplishments it has registered in the last 12 months. The blockchain celebrates the fifth anniversary of its mainnet operations with rocketing community growth, new technical developments and ecosystem incentives for developers.” - (EOS Network Mainnet Turns Five, Here's What Was Achieved Last Year)


...the ENF has gotten to work advancing EOS, firm in the belief that it can still live up to its potential. In April, it announced the beta launch of its Ethereum Virtual Machine mainnet to increase interoperability between EOS and Ethereum. At the same time, EOS announced an alliance with the market maker DWF Labs, which will invest $60 million into the project. In a further sign of its progress, EOS in April announced the release of Antelope Leap 4, an upgraded software kit, which can be used to improve node synchronization between EOS and Antelope, Telos, UX Network and WAX, the main networks within the Antelope ecosystem.” - 5 Promising Blockchain Layer-1 Networks To Watch In 2023

Pomelo Grants Season 6 kicks-off


On Wednesday (June 7) Pomelo Grants kicked-off the donation phase of its sixth season of public goods funding on EOS. However, for the sixth season the crowdfunding platform has introduced multi-pools and multi-chain support to have an even wider impact on the growth of the Antelope ecosystem.

This season Pomelo Grants has four matching pools, instead of the single pool, for the funding of public goods projects. The introduction of multi-pools will allow matching pool partners to easily target the categories of projects they are most interested in. Improving the efficiency by which matching pool partners can influence the growth and strength of certain sectors within their ecosystems.

The four matching pools will target EOS EVM, EOS GameFi, Everything EOS, and Telos projects. In total, these matching pools have a combined fund of $182,000 to be distributed proportionately to all qualifying projects across the four categories. Community members and stakeholders can make donations to their favorite category projects until the donation phase closes on June 29.

Read our in-depth coverage of Pomelo Grants’ new season - A Groundbreaking Season for Pomelo Grants

ENF’s interview with Real Vision


Following an interview with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, it was announced by the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) that its CEO and founder, Yves La Rose, will be doing an interview with Real Vision on Monday (June 12).

Real Vision is one of the most followed media platforms in the industry. It provides some of the most insightful content relating to finance and investing, and hosts interviews with global leaders in these fields.

“The show brings live daily analysis and in-depth interviews with the world’s leading financial experts, enabling listeners to cut through the noise and hype, and leave with key takeaways for investing in crypto, Web3 and beyond.”

This interview with Real Vision will be an opportunity for EOS to reach a wider audience that is more mature and savvy enough to make well-educated investments. With EOS being a leader by numerous metrics within the crypto/blockchain industry, it’s no surprise Real Vision wanted to feature it.

Read more about the interview and where to watch it - Real Vision Crypto Daily Briefing with Yves La Rose

As of writing EOS is trading at $0.67 (down from last week’s price of $0.90). EOS is currently doing $136 million in daily trading volume, and its market cap sits at $736 million. This week sees EOS drop four spots to 49th position by market cap rankings. All stats are based on CoinMarketCap data.


ENF commemorates the five-year anniversary with history EOS moments!

Pomelo Grants Season 6 kicks-off

● [ENF’s interview with Real Vision](

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