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This Week: An Epic Run Up for EOS


EOS has been on a tear lately. The big question last week was whether it could maintain the momentum following last week’s impressive price performance, but EOS has managed to one-up that with a 14.16% price increase in the last 7-days. As of writing, the price sits at $2.55 (up from $2.24 last week) and the market cap is at $2.5 billion.

In the last two weeks EOS is up 26% in total, breaking a trend of the week-to-week ups and downs. This is partly a credit to the crypto market in general which seems to be the start of a bullish cycle that could imitate the epic run of Jan - May 2021 where EOS spiked a 450% rise in price to reach $14.37.

The majority of the credit for EOS’ performance these last two weeks goes to its community which has been pushing many great efforts to improve the image, activity, performance, and adoption of its network. As a result of this, should EOS maintain the momentum of these past weeks, stakeholders could be about to witness an even more epic run than that of Jan - May 2021.

A lot of projects and initiatives are being carried out this time around. The launch of EOS EVM, plus the upcoming launch of Mandel (EOSIO hard fork), could propel EOS even further.

Screenshot 2022-03-27 at 12.46.24 Tweet

At the moment attention is on how things unfold with the ongoing Pomelo Grants programme and how those funded projects will contribute toward making EOS the strongest ecosystem for blockchain dApps and services.

Should EOS manage to maintain this momentum then the build up to the launch of these initiatives, and the many others scheduled for this year, will make for an epic year ahead of us.

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