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A Groundbreaking Season for Pomelo Grants


Pomelo Grants is a crowdfunding initiative that allows anyone from the EOS community to request funding for public goods projects on EOS.

The above statement, although accurate, is no longer exclusive to EOS as of season 6 of Pomelo Grants.

Earlier last week registrations for grant applications for Pomelo Season 6 opened, and this week (June 7) donations opened for communities and supporters to donate to their favorite projects. For the first time since its initial launch in late 2021, Pomelo Grants now has multiple pools targeted towards specific categories and blockchain ecosystems.

For the past five seasons, Pomelo Grants has had a single pool whose funds would get distributed among all qualifying projects, regardless of what category they fall under. This season Pomelo Grants has introduced multiple funding pools to target specific categories in order to incentivize further development in those categories.

Pomelo Grants Season 6 is now live with four different pools targeting EOS EVM, EOS GameFi, Everything EOS, and Telos projects. Combined, these four pools have a total of $182,000 in matching pool funds to be distributed proportionately to all qualifying projects across the four categories.


EOS EVM - The EOS EVM category is exclusively for projects that are building on the EOS EVM blockchain. Its matching pool fund of $65,000 will be distributed among all qualifying projects that have received funding from community members and/or supporters.

EOS GameFi - The EOS GameFi category and its matching pool of $65,000 is targeted at projects that are building gamified finance (GameFi) applications and businesses on the EOS blockchain. This matching pool aims to foster the development and growth of the GameFi sector on EOS.

Everything EOS - This is another matching pool funded by the EOS Network Foundation to support all projects building on the EOS blockchain. The Everything EOS matching pool of $28,000 will be to the benefit of projects building on the EOS blockchain, regardless of what category/sector they are building in.

Telos - The fourth matching pool fund of $24,000 is sponsored by the Telos Foundation to benefit projects that are building on the Telos blockchain. This marks a significant evolution of the Pomelo Grants initiative going multi-chain. Leveraging Pomelo’s quadratic funding mechanism, projects building on the Telos blockchain can be transparently and fairly funded and supported by the Telos community.

A democratic method for public goods funding

The Pomelo platform utilizes a quadratic funding mechanism that favors projects funded by multiple donors rather than the total amount of funding received. This mechanism encourages funding from small donors, in a more democratic way as the "number of contributors matters more than the amount funded".

By doing so, it is possible to fund projects that benefit the community as a whole, such as open-source projects, protocol improvements, libraries that help developers, free education, etc. These types of projects are what Pomelo considers to be public goods, in other words, free to use products or services that benefit all members of the community.

This season of Pomelo Grants is a start of what could soon be a robust ecosystem of funding and community support of public goods across different blockchain ecosystems. With the communities shaping which direction the ecosystems take in terms of developments based on each ecosystem’s goals.

The integration of inter-blockchain communication (IBC) between Antelope blockchains provides many opportunities for collaboration in setting up larger Pomelo Grants matching pools. Especially for projects that can take advantage of the Antelope ecosystem’s interconnectedness to build cross-chain or multi-chain applications.


Multi-Pools and a New Partner Drop in Pomelo Grants Season 6

● [Quadratic Funding on EOS with Pomelo Coming Soon](

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