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One single entity controlling Two paid Block Producer nodes on Telos


Recently TelosDAC and Telos Venezuela were caught up in sharing a single infrastructure to perform the tasks of two active and paid block producers positions. This is in direct violation with the reg-producer ricardian contract, i.e. the contract that all parties must accept in order to apply for block producer, and for this reason sanctions have been decided through a multisig.

"The bigger issue is that when one of the BP's in question attempted to prove the nodes were separate via recorded video, this BP showed they have access to both BP's keys and instances." - Patric B. From AlohaEOS.

The Telos community moved and discussed the most appropriate sanction to implement, as there was no existing enforcement procedure in place. At the moment 3 multisig have already been proposed for both TelosDAC and Telos Venezuela, according to which both of them will be blocked by the network for:

Updates: One of these multisig has already been approved by 15 BPs needed, both BPs were then kicked for a total period of 3 months.

Among the various discussions on Telegram, Richard Bryan from TelosDAC defended himself by stating:

"We did not break the chain, nor was it hacked and compromised during the said infraction. Our actions were to maintain continuity and were not malicious."

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