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Wombat and Telos Team Up for Better Gaming

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Although not entirely guaranteed, history does tend to repeat itself quite a bit in this space in which we reside. In case you may not recall, the TELOS blockchain was the first of all the EOSIO chains post the mainnet launch to go live, and now true to form, the first to be supported by Wombat wallet.

Wombat wallet is one of the last wallets to come into the EOS space. What separates Wombat apart from many of the other wallets amidst EOSIO is that it’s not necessary for users to cover their own resources. This has especially come in handy for users wishing to play games, and in many ways Wombat has one of the best and easiest onboarding processes in the whole space.

Creating a Wombat wallet account is as simple as downloading the app and registering with a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. Once the users account is created, Wombat will stake resources on the users behalf enabling them to utilize many of the dapps they are partnered with. This is a stark difference between a lot of the other wallets in the space, whereby even simplified greatly from the early days of EOS, users still have to go through the process of still having to purchase an account and CPU, albeit relatively cheap and oftentimes, directly from within the wallet itself.

It is worth mentioning that in everything there is a tradeoff, as in the Wombat wallet if a user wishes to have access to their private keys however they do need to pay a small fee or register for Wombat’s premium service for a period of 6 months. That said, when it comes to mainstream adoption there does exist a very good possibility that the majority of would be users really are not that concerned with the ownership of their private keys in quite the same way as those that have been in the space for quite some time.

A quick perusal through the Wombat wallet will reveal that the majority of the hosted dApps are in fact games. Gaming in fact is likely to be one of the largest game changers when it comes to mass crypto adoption, and it is no secret that EOSIO has for quite some time had an advantage in the area of TPS, or transactions per second, which in the future will be integral to smoothness on in app game play.

Up until this point however, Wombat wallet has been exclusive in its support of EOS mainnet dApps, something that this recent partnership announcement with Telos is set to change.

Although being the longest running EOSIO chain beyond the mainnet, Telos has recently seen quite an uptick of both new games on the platform as well as new partnerships, partially due no doubt to a combination of its proven track record, lower costs for projects to operate than on the mainnet, an active WPS that developers can leverage, and seemingly less cumbersome governance issues banning the voting of exchanges on the mainnet. Add to that the long-standing and very active community on the chain and the recent exclusive partnership announcement regarding Qudo.io to allow Unity-based games to offer token rewards, and it is of little wonder that a variety of gaming has begun to take hold on TELOS.

Considering all this, it is little wonder that both Wombat and TELOS both feel so ecstatic to finally be collaborating into the future. With Wombat’s seamless onboarding for users into an already established long-standing Telos chain maximizing all the benefits of EOSIO software, it’s not what each of these projects brings to the table now that is most exciting, but rather what happens in the times that lie ahead that looks to be the most exciting and newsworthy of events.

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