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Scatter announced their Block Producer Candidacy

Scatter announced their Block Producer Candidacy

The Scatter team recently announced their Block Producer candidacy on the EOS mainnet. Scatter is the most used tool that allows users to connect and interact with the EOS blockchain (and other blockchains too).

Since the launch of EOS, the Scatter team has been instrumental in the growth in users and in the User Experience we have achieved. Today, most users on EOS use Scatter Wallet for their everyday transactions on the blockchain. That's why we can state that the new Block Producer Scatter is a great addition!

According to the team, they will also publish a monthly monthly transparency report that includes basic information like:

  • BP uptime
  • Missed blocks
  • BP position changes
  • Proxied votes
  • Infrastructure upgrades

They also announced their intention to expand into other EOSIO blockchains, such as Telos, Europechain, WORBLI and WAX.

Read more: https://medium.com/getscatter/scatter-releases-a-block-producer-candidate-for-the-eos-mainnet-b7db794c13ea

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