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Is Voter Value Proxy a good solution for the EOS mainnet?


Colin Talks Crypto has shared on Twitter his views on the new proxy models that are recently emerging. These new proxies aim to redistribute awards to Western value-adding BPs in a more transparent way. In particular, the Voter Value Proxy, launched yesterday by AlohaEOS, and Proxy4Nation by EOS Nation stand out.

According to Colin, distributing rewards only to token holders who vote for a specific proxy could further damage block producers who do not yet distribute rewards, or who do not intend to do so. This is because soon a new competition will emerge between proxies, searching for the most value-adding BPs that also intend to distribute their rewards. Excluding therefore BPs who do not want to distribute them.

Continuing Colin's view, the solution would be to go and distribute rewards to every token holder who vote for these western value-adding BPs, instead of making it proxy-specific. In order to decrease the competition between proxies, and to support all block producers and not only those who distribute rewards.

Whole thread: https://twitter.com/ColinTCrypto/status/1177957086707277824

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