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UpliftDAO EOS Starter Guides and Account Creation Tutorials

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For those that might not be aware, one of the newest projects up and coming projects utilizing EOSIO is UpliftNation. In a brief word, UpliftNation is looking towards bringing charity to the blockchain in a transparent and verifiable way. Of course, blockchain philanthropy is quite new to the crypto space in general and running on EOS presents a whole new set of challenges when it comes to onboarding new users.

Included in the UpliftNation mission is the recent release of the UpliftDAO.com Social and Educational Hub where users can both view and add to the content library in an effort to bring about a series of articles on a variety of topics teaching valuable skills and life hacks. Although the scope of content desirable to the UpliftNation community goes far beyond that of blockchain and EOS, there are a number of tutorials already published detailing a variety of ways to navigate the first steps of EOS blockchain accounts and uses that in particular have caught our attention.

These pieces outline the process for beginners in both print and video tutorial form on a variety of wallets and services to get users with simple instructions complete with easy to follow step by step images or walkthroughs that are a must for anyone new to the EOS space and overwhelmed by how to go about setting up their first account.

How to Get an EOS Account details the use of three of the most popular wallets in the EOS space - Wombat, TokenPocket, and Meet.One - to register and create a first account on EOS.

  • Wombat wallet easy login with Google, Facebook, or Twitter easy steps to create a free EOS account and accompanying resources.

  • Token Pocket wallet PayPal, debit, or credit card in app account creation payment methods and how to go about increasing network resources with Forget CPU mode.

  • Meet.One wallet EOS and MeetOne chain account creation and PayPal invitation code funding of the process.

For those interested in Wombat wallet in particular, Wombat Wallet Tutorial and Coinbase EOS Funding Walkthrough gives a step by step video recap of how to register for both the products and how to interact between them.

Scatter Starter Guide outlines the process of downloading, setting up, and creating a first EOS account in the Scatter desktop wallet with simple to follow step by step instructions and images. Included within are also Scatter backup, EOS account import, and in app and Account Creator payment instructions.

So, if you’re new to EOS and feeling a bit overwhelmed on where to begin, or even you’re looking to see the layout and onboarding of any of these well recognized EOS wallets and services that you’re not overly familiar with, checking out some of these very to the point yet comprehensive pieces over on UpliftNation’s UpliftDAO.com new Social and Educational Hub would be a great first step to help you get started and on your way.


How to Get an EOS Account:

Wombat Wallet Tutorial and Coinbase EOS Funding Walkthrough:

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