Open-source Framework to vote directly from Exchanges


A group of Block Producers candidates, formed by GenerEOS, EOS Rio, shEOS and Node One, recently implemented an open source voting framework that all exchanges can use with the minimum integration effort to allow their users to participate in Block Producers voting on EOS.

The practice of exchanges voting using their users' tokens is a very criticised issue regarding the EOS governance. Through this system, it will be possible to give the choice to every users on Exchanges to vote for their favourite block producers, and presumably increase voting participation in the mainnet.

  • "The framework consists of several software components that an exchange IT department can install on their own server infrastructure and configure with minimal effort to provide a consistent, customisable and user-friendly voting portal."*

The framework includes both a user and an admin interface with voting recommendations formulated by the backend system. To increase a greater fairness and geographically diversified voting, 5 pre-selected featured-proxy will be provided.

  • "In the current state of the EOS Mainnet it is vital that exchanges implement this framework so that the tens of thousands of EOS token holders on exchanges can contribute to the governance of the chain. This in turn will create the digital democracy and overall health of the chain that we all desire." *


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