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New Resource Model for WORBLI and Delegated Proof of Utility


As the WORBLI network has been designed to meet the specific needs of Decentralized Finance (DEFI), their resource model is currently being updated, in a different way to other EOSIO chains, to be more compatible with their use case.


  • Resources allocation based on the proportion of WBI owned
  • Daily borrowing protocol to pay for excess resources usage
  • Also RAM is based on the proportion of WBI owned

Their new resource model is based over the reformed voting system for block producers: DPOU (“Delegated Proof of Utility”). Through this voting system, users' votes are weighted according to their utility. The utility is measured by the ratio of the current total utility of the network to that of the user.

"For example, when the Network is operating at 20% Utility, a user of 2% Utility has 10% of the voting weight. Conversely, the 80% with zero resource usage have zero votes."

In the coming weeks the WORBLI team will release some more details on this concept.

More to read:

  • Inflation is driven by Utility
  • Block Producer Compensation
  • Distribution from Inflation
  • Distribution from Inflation as a result of NET usage
  • Block Producer Bond
  • Block Producer Groups
  • Block Producer Voting
  • Block Producer Bond
  • ACTIVE POOL 100 Million WBI
  • GENERAL POOL 200 Million WBI
  • Block Producer Evolution
  • WORBLI Block Producers as Trusted Partners

Source: https://medium.com/@WORBLI/worbli-resource-model-update-89d4afc0458e

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