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No B1 June. New event coming by the end of the year?


In the last few days many members of the community were wondering if Block.One would announce a new B1 June like last year's Washington event. So far no official news had been given, so it was quite unlikely that a new event would be announced, but hope dies last. From Brendan Blumer's latest tweets, it has been confirmed that there will be no event on June 1st, but they are already preparing to organize the next one, where they should announce more new products.

  • Joseph (EOS Asia):

"Are you planning an online June1 event this year?"

  • Brendan Blumer:

"No, we will do our events in line with our product readiness, as opposed to a fixed time each year. That said we have already begun plans on our next!"

From an interview with Dan Larimer on U.Today in March, Dan said Block.One would announce new products this year, and these products are supposed to be part of new industries.

"I would absolutely love to give you a hint, but we have to keep some of our surprises behind the curtain for now. I can tell you that there will new products from Block.one in new industries this year." - Dan Larimer latest interview: Block.One will announce new products this year

Some suspect that the new product is about a decentralised exchange, but there is still no evidence of this. Therefore, we should wait for the announcement of a new Block.One event before the end of the year!


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