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New DAPP Network services: LiquidStorage, LiquidHarmony, LiquidSQL


The LiquidApps team recently announced three new DAPP Network services: LiquidStorage, LiquidHarmony, LiquidSQL. These new features will help current DAPP Hackathon participants to develop brand new and innovative dApps that will be able to extract the full potential of the DAPP Network and EOSIO.

  • LiquidStorage allows easy decentralized frontends for dApps and more

  • LiquidHarmony framework, where any contract-consumed service or software can potentially be deployed with customizable trustlessness thanks to the DAPP Network.

  • LiquidSQL allows dApps to use relational databases in a decentralized manner.

"We are enabling developers to continue developing as usual, as they are used to. Building a decentralised app, but in a way that they don't have to abandon the features that they're comfortable with."

You can lear more about these new services on the latest LiquidApps video


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