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LNX airdrop: get your LynxChain native token now!


One month after the launch of LynxChain, Fred Krueger, CEO of LynxChain, announced the start of the LNX airdrop. LNX is the native token of LynxChain, all Lynx token owners on the EOS mainnet will be able to make the LNX claim by the end of February.

The claim can be made directly on the Lynx Wallet or at airdrop.lynxchain.io by sending LYNX tokens to the indicated account. For each LYNX token 0.042 LNX will be transferred to the user's LynxChain account. Once the airdrop is finished, i.e. at the end of February, the LYNX tokens will be transferred back to the users and could be used for discount in the Lynx wallet.


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