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LiquidApps launched the Cross-Chain Bridge on Ethereum


After successfully completing the tests, LiquidApps launched the first Universal Cross-Chain Bridge on Ethereum. Now the projects on EOS and other chains will enjoy the liquidity of Ethereum.

As already announced in our recent news, the LiquidApps team had prepared together with the DAPP Service Providers (DSPs) of the DAPP Network a testing period of a cross-chain bridge for Ethereum and EOS, and other ecosystems.

The community was able to complete this new bridge, the Cross-Chain Communication Channel (C4), which allows tokens to move freely between networks.

Integrating such a liquidity system is essential for DeFi to provide additional opportunities for all. This bridge could be the solution that will bring additional liquidity for DeFi projects on EOS, which are currently expanding like never before.

Through the C4, it is possible to:

  • EOS/EOSIO blockchain can utilize Ethereum's liquidity and trading opportunities
  • Ethereum token can be migrated to EOS/EOSIO blockchain ecosystem
  • Choose to keep tokens on Ethereum while running dApp logic on Universal Layer 2 for reduced gas fees, high throughput transactions and seamless integration

In the future it will be also possible to integrate the bridge with other non EOSIO chains.


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