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LiquidApps integrate the DAPP Network on WAX


LiquidApps and WAX recently announced their new collaboration through which LiquidApps will integrate the DAPP Network on WAX. This will provide WAX developers with a range of tools to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their dApps.

Among these tools we can find:

  • LiquidLink: connect dApp to assets, actions, and applications on Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOSIO chains, and more.
  • LiquidOracles: keep SLAs and data verification on-chain, which protects dApp developers from the risks of malicious or accidental failure.
  • vRAM: storage solution for developers that is RAM-compatible, decentralized
  • Zeus SDK: set of libraries, code samples and documentation for building and scaling dApps

"The DAPP Network makes the development of dApps more affordable, efficient and scalable through a range of products for developers, service providers and users committed to scaling the blockchain."


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