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Genpool: Create your own voter reward proxy!


The GenerEOS team, one of the original BP candidates of EOS, just introduced a new platform that’s set to change proxies mechanics on the Mainnet.

This sort of proxies started popping up on the EOS Mainnet over a year ago, initially these were only created by some of the Chinese BP candidates and neglected by the community in general. However since EOS Nation created their version of the Reward Proxy, one that voted for god BPs and provided rewards to the voters; this practice became accepted as part of the EOS Governance.

The barrier to create such a proxy was still too high, and the competition for a good reward proxy was not there. Keeping it to only 3 major Western Reward Proxies and 2 Eastern:

  • EOS Nation Reward Proxy
  • Colin Crypto Reward Proxy
  • Voter Value Proxy
  • Newdex Proxy
  • Bigone Proxy

Genpool is here to shake things up. Anyone can create their own proxy or view supported proxies and compare them before choosing to vote for one.

Find out more about Genpool on their own introduction article here: https://medium.com/@generEOS/introducing-genpool-io-the-first-eos-voter-rewards-exchange-4d4f0992c394

Or their website: https://genpool.io

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