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Mynt ~ My Native Token, launch your first native token

Mynt ~ My Native Token, launch your first native token

Chintai recently announced their new service: Mynt, My Native Token. With Mynt it will be possible to launch a new native EOSIO token through a simple process and with easy access to every resources needed.

"Mynt is for entrepreneurs who want to save precious development hours, monetary resources, and time searching for trusted legal services. We’ve designed the Mynt to remove as much friction as possible so that you can focus on innovating.!"

The Native Token can be customized by its creator according to some default features, it puts complete control in the hands of token issuers at low-cost, by providing comprehensive support to harmonize the technical, legal, and financial aspects.

Read more: https://medium.com/@ChintaiEOS/mynt-my-native-token-47c9f105697d

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