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ImmuneBytes Launches Smart Contract Audit Service on EOS


ImmuneBytes has announced the launch of a Smart Contract audit service for EOS. This is in addition to existing audit services, and could help new developers launch dApps safely.

Security for a Smart Contract is critical before launching it live on the mainnet. Any bugs could be exploited and bring huge losses not only for the developers, but especially for the users who use them. For this reason, auditing Smart Contracts is an important process.

Fortunately, EOSIO provides a flexible system for managing Smart Contracts. Indeed, it allows developers to update Smart Contract codes directly in the same account where they are deployed. The ImmuneBytes team decided for this, and numerous other reasons, to expand their review service for developers on EOS as well.

  • Free Transactions
  • Performance
  • Easy Upgrades and Bug Recovery
  • Plugins


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