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Greymass release new Anchor wallet for EOSIO chains


Greymass announced the official release of the new Anchor wallet, the open-source replacement of their former Greymass Wallet, for EOSIO chains. Anchor is already available for download on Desktop and has a variety of features, including free (limited) transactions per day.

The download is currently available via their Github page: https://github.com/greymass/anchor#readme, and will be soon available on their product pages on the greymass.com website.


Common Features:

  • transferring tokens
  • managing staked tokens and RAM
  • block producer and proxy voting
  • key/permission management
  • hardware wallet support with Ledger devices


  • redesigned user interface
  • Account Overview panel:o overview of all accounts loaded
  • Resources section
  • new setup process to setup any available EOSIO blockchain

Major Changes:

  • Support for the EOSIO Signing Request (ESR) protocol
  • Greymass Fuel is available directly in the wallet along with 5ms free CPU per account per day.
  • Enhanced wallet engine

"The goal is to bridge the gap between developers, their applications, and their users - in a safe, private, and flexible manner for all parties involved. In the most simple of terms, this is the “user layer”, and has been at the core of all of our work."


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