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Google Cloud Releases First Lab for EOSIO


Google Cloud and Block.One have taken additional steps in their collaboration with EOSIO. A new course on how to launch an EOSIO chain and develop a basic smart contract is now available in the Google Cloud Training catalog.

The Google Cloud Training allows anyone to learn about cloud services. Individual labs ranging from 30 minutes to multi-day programs are offered, covering topics such as machine learning, security, infrastructure, app development, and more.

Among these we find now included the new course: "Block.one: Getting Started with the EOSIO Blockchain and Smart Contracts", where users will learn how to launch a virtual machine (VM) to host an EOSIO blockchain, create the first wallet with private keys and start with a simple smart contract development.

To start the lab, all you need is a Google account, and then all operations can be performed in the cloud with a few simple commands. The commands fully mirror the user experience already provided by the EOSIO software, which includes tools like cleos and nodeos. This will allow a number of new developers to become comfortable with EOSIO terms while taking use of the Google Cloud's flexibility.

Additionally, with Block.One's training and certifications, you may immediately broaden your understanding of EOSIO's capabilities.


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