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EOS Mainnet Available on Metamask


Thanks to the work of EOS Argentina, the EOS mainnet can finally be used with Metamask, the most famous browser extension crypto wallet. The integration is extremely easy to use, and could help new users not yet comfortable using EOS, take their first steps into the ecosystem.

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet, originally created for Ethereum, that can be used either via a browser extension or as an app on iOS and Android and allows users to interact with various dApps.

Metamask is an extremely popular wallet in the crypto industry and is among the most secure around. Your wallet's private key stays inside MetaMask and no scam website would be able to steal it. However, it is a non-custodian wallet, so the seed and password are guarded only by you.

The EOS Argentina team had already announced its work back in March, releasing a first version of the integration of Metamask with the EOSIO testnet Kylin network. After months of work, finally the integration of Metamask with the EOS mainnet is now available.

In just a few clicks you can add the EOS mainnet within Metamask, using chainlist.org. Then the Ethereum addresses managed by Metamask will already be available to receive EOS. Indeed, the smart contract of EOS Argentina is able to automatically convert these addresses into the EOS account format so that the end user doesn't have to deal with the complexities of creating an EOS account.

The user experience for the fee system has also been designed to be similar to that used by many other networks. For each transaction the users make, they simply see the cost associated with that transaction, while the smart contract will manage the resources.


The first time a user receives EOS, the transaction cost will be a little higher to cover the account creation cost. Before starting to fully use your metamask address on EOS it is needed to fund the account for the first time. This can be done from any EOS account by making a transaction to the "etheraccount" account and entering the metamask address in the memo.

The smart contracts created by the EOS Argentina team are fully open source under the MIT license, and available on GitHub: etheraccount, ual-metamask.

This integration with metamask will bring new users to the EOS mainnet, who are now used to the user experience of Ethereum and other similar networks.

For more info on how to set up your metamask with EOS: EOS Mainnet is now available on Metamask


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