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Galaxy EOS VC Invests in Polyarc AR Game Development Firm


Galaxy EOS VC has recently concluded a new investment in the AR Game Development firm Polyarc, which have in their games portfolio one of the most top-rated VR video games.

Polyarc is a game development firm founded in 2016 and focused on developing virtual and augmented reality games. In 2016 they had already received an investment of $3.5M to develop Moss, one of the most recognized VR games ever with more than 80 global industry awards and nominations.

In this new round of investment they have managed to raise as much as $9M, more than double the amount needed to develop Moss and with the participation Galaxy EOS VC.

moss-1 Moss Gameplay Screenshot

"Polyarc is a proven leader in developing innovative VR interactive entertainment, and Moss is their amazing game which showcases the beauty and possibilities of what the VR platform can deliver."

Hopefully, with this new round of investment we will soon see an innovative new video game developed by this house, with the hope that the relationship with Galaxy EOS VC can be beneficial.


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