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EOSX New Portal for EOS DeFi Projects


Given the growth of EOS DeFi momentum, the EOSX team has recently launched a new portal on its block explorer to facilitate the EOS DeFi experience and ensure a high level of security for all its users.

In these days on the EOS mainnet more and more DeFi projects are emerging that allow DeFi lovers to experiment new methods of investing on their own crypto-funds. EOSX immediately moved to create some consistency between all these projects, which already tended to confuse users, with non-audited and/or non-multisig projects.

Indeed, the recent $2.5M scam that took place about 2 weeks ago with the Emerald EMD project, which was both without multisig and without security audit, highlighted the need to maintain a high standard of transparent and reliable information.

Through the new EOSX page, users can easily check which are the new EOS DeFi projects, the most secure and verified ones, and those with a higher risk level. Furthermore, users can easily claim all the rewards from all the supported DeFi projects in one page, thus avoiding ending up in possible phishing webpages. When talking about Decentralized Finance, surely security is one of the most important elements to take into account, and users should always check what actions they are approving with their accounts in the blockchain.

Hopefully, we can expect updates for this new EOSX DeFi Portal, with potentially new features to be released soon.

Try it now: eosx.io/defi


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