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EOSLocally WAX trading giveaway: Win up to $500 US in WAX!

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To celebrate the release of WAX on EOSLocally, a special promotion is being held where any user can win WAX on the platform. EOSLocally is the first decentralised and secure P2P EOS trading platform, where traders are able to buy and sell WAX, EOSDT and EOS-based USDT in a fast and efficient way. WAX, the aforementioned cryptocurrency is now available on EOSLocally and in celebration of this important expansion they have decided to host a giveaway where users can win up to $500 USD in WAX!

How to enter the giveaway:

More details about the prizes and rules here

  1. Follow @eoslocally on Twitter and Retweet the twitter promo post

  2. Sign up on eoslocally.com

  3. Buy or Sell WAX on EOSLocally (Minimum of 40 WAX per transaction)
    A participant gets +1 entry each time he/she completes a sell or buy trade on eoslocally.com

If there are not yet any users trading WAX in the location or the currency you are looking to trade with, you can always create and post your own offers in less than a minute!

In case you don’t have a WAX wallet address, you can easily create a free one here: https://all-access.wax.io/

How to start trading WAX on EOSLocally? Trading on EOSLocally is very simple, prior trade experience is not necessary in using it, once you’ve selected the crypto that you want to trade you just have to follow these 3 simple steps:

Open trades Create an offer or choose an existing one to start trading. After the buyer and seller agree on terms, the seller can transfer the crypto to the secure escrow.

Peer-to-Peer FIAT transaction Send the agreed amount of local currency or USDT and confirm the payment. Before the payment, trade cancellation and escrow refunds are possible without hassle.

Release funds Once the funds have been received, the seller can safely release the escrow. The crypto will instantly be transferred to the buyer’s wallet.

You can find more details on how to buy or sell WAX in their guide.

Join them on Twitter and telegram!

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