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#EOSIOChallenge concluded, Ethereum can now be run on EOS


During the month of February Block.One launched the #EOSIOChallenge, which consisted of creating an EOSIO smart contract capable of invoking EVM (Solidity) Smart Contracts in a virtual Ethereum-like environment. In nutshell to demonstrate that "EOS can run ETH inside a single contract" (Dan Larimer) with a working implementation.

photo 2020-02-04 20.20.46

After more than 800 participants, today May 29th the challenge ended, and the winner was announced: Syed Jaffri, who will be awarded with $200,000. An important event for the community and Block.One that through this challenge demonstrates how they are able to create (and encourage) innovations throughout the blockchain field.

Indeed, through this implementation now Solidity developers will be able to start developing applications also on EOS on this Ethereum application environment, very similar to a virtual machine. The entire EOSIO system takes another step towards blockchain interoperability.

"This new solution enables developers familiar with Ethereum and its coding language to now build their applications while leveraging the inherent benefits of EOSIO: ease of use, traceability, auditability and a decentralized database. These tools are arming developers with new platforms that were previously unavailable due to differences in coding and smart contract languages, bringing the industry closer to interoperability." - Dan Larimer, Block.One CTO

The winning solution is open sourced as a developer tool and can be found on Github.


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