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EOSIO Beyond Blockchain Hackathon Winner: Dao Bull


The last EOSIO Hackathon organized by Block.One has ended and the winners have been announced: Dao Bull. The Dao Bull team won thanks to their DAO platform that allows users to manage communities in a simple way by leveraging the EOSIO blockchain technology.

Through the platform developed by the Dao Bull team, users will be able to manage finances, shareholders and the community's governance structure without relying on a centralized management system. Indeed, the system is an integrated use of blockchain technology, through the EOSIO software, and cloud-based systems thanks to Google Cloud.

Dao Bull users can create a decentralized autonomous organization in just a few clicks, allowing organizations to operate fairly and transparently.

Besides Dao Bull there have been other interesting projects, such as:

  • 2nd Place: gGoods
  • 3rd Place: Recoverable Online Wallets
  • 4th Place: Finfluencers

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