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Core+ Soon to Release Blue Paper for Improving EOSIO

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Core+, one of the Working Groups created by the EOS Network Foundation for the maintenance and development of software to support EOSIO, will soon release the blue paper with a detailed plan on how to bring improvements to EOSIO.

The Working Groups are teams composed of the most trusted and experienced developers within EOSIO to work on four pillars to improve the EOS ecosystem through sponsorship. The four groups are API+, Wallet+, Core+ and Audit+.

Core+ is the team led by Zaisan, a blockchain solutions company with deep industry experience in enterprise solutions and development, working on improving tools, documentation, SDKs, and libraries for simplifying and improving the developer experience on EOSIO.

This will be crucial in making the network as accessible as possible. Without this in place, it's a bit like having the world's best highway which is only open to a few types of cars."

Core+ will soon release their blue paper with all the details of their roadmap. At the moment they are working on "Infosphere", a collection of information to explain what are the advantages and benefits of using EOS and how to get involved. The steps for the Infosphere roadmap will be:

  1. Creating more content directed towards decision makers like CTOs and CIO level managers to understand how things work and what kind of benefits it brings for them and their business.
  2. Organizing tutorials, guides and even documentations on the why, into a coherent structure interactionand making it a searchable resource so people can find this information.


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