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"EOS will soon be a DAO of DAOs"


Dan Larimer, member and founder of EdenOS, announced his new vision for EOS: "EOS will soon be a #DAO of DAOs". What does this new proposal consist of?

Since leaving his role as CTO at Block.One, Dan Larimer has been 100% dedicated to the EOS community, with two projects in particular: EdenOS and ClarionOS. On Twitter Dan Larimer announced his new vision for EOS, under which it will become a DAO of DAOs.

The proposal is based on the creation of several EdenOS Communities, each with its own token(f in the image) and allocated by weekly 1 hr meetings on zoom. These tokens will be connected to the EOS ecosystem, the more people will be part of these communities, the more it will be necessary to stake EOS and thus increase its demand.


Through this new system EOS accounts will be promoted free of charge for new Eden members who want to participate in the elections as the cost will be subsidised by the current members. It is important to specify that this new proposal does not foresee any token sale, but only wants to create new incentives for the community and strengthen the EOS ecosystem.

For the end of the month will be made public a roadmap with the details.


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